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Have The Cavaliers Become A Losing Battle For Grant?

Sitting on the sidelines so far in this campaign, as PRO HOOPS CENTRAL has been on sabbatical, there have been some interesting stories emanating from the Association as we near the halfway point of the season. However, the story that … Continue reading

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Forbes Names 13 NBA Team Owners To List Of 400 Richest Americans

When NBA Commissioner David Stern and the team owners in the Association declared a “Lockout” during the 2011-2012 campaign, management claimed that they needed a more “Owner Friendly” Collective Bargaining Agreement, because too many franchises were in tough financial shape. … Continue reading

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Cavaliers Fans “Do Not Want To Settle” This Summer

It has been three years since the Circus left the city of Cleveland, when the player that Northeast Ohio idolized LeBron James decided to abandon the Cleveland Cavaliers for the bright lights of South Beach. While the former “Chosen One,” … Continue reading

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Brown’s Town Once More? Cavaliers Reportedly Reach New Deal With Former Coach

The prophecy made by Pete Townshend over 40-years-ago, may come to fruition in Cleveland on Wednesday; as the Cleveland Cavaliers could announce “Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss.” It appears that novelist Thomas Wolfe was incorrect when he … Continue reading

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With Byron Gone, Will Cavaliers Re-Sign Brown?

The Byron Scott Era came to an end on Thursday; as the “News Herald” has reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers dismissed their former head coach after three seasons. Scott, still had a year remaining on the contract that he signed … Continue reading

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Thank You Dan Gilbert For Not Allowing End To Justify Means

Although fooled from time to time, I usually consider myself a good judge of character, which is why I was pleased when I read the report  Tuesday afternoon from “Yahoo Sports,” which stated that according to their sources the Cleveland … Continue reading

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Will Dan Gilbert Be A Hypocrite If Cavaliers Help Nets Land Howard?

Although at times since he took over as Majority Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert has allowed his emotions to get the best of him, I have always admired him for his passion and respected him for sticking to … Continue reading

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Would Cleveland Fans Want LeBron James To Return To The Cavaliers?

Ever since I broke into the media in 1995, I have always taken great pride in my ability to remain objective on most occasions on the subject of sports; whether it was talking about it on radio and TV or expressing … Continue reading

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Coach Mike Brown, A True Class Act

Life is not always fair; sometimes the other guy gets the girl, the wrong politician wins the race or someone else gets the credit and a promotion for your idea. Many when confronted with those types of situations are devastated … Continue reading

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Fisher Addresses Players On Lockout Via E-Mail

There appears to be dissension within the ranks, on both sides of the bargaining table as the NBA Players Association and NBA Team Owners try to hammer out a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, and end the NBA Lockout which is … Continue reading

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