G&H’s 2018 Cleveland Browns Hype Video…enjoy

Courtesy of ClevelandBrowns.com

As a life long football fan, I have become accustomed to a certain level of anticipation for the upcoming season in mid August.  As a Browns fan, that’s even stronger than most as the beginning of the season has always been the most hopeful (at least post 1999). So like many fans, I seek out whatever content I can find. Press conferences, interviews, highlight videos and even on occasion a hype video.  The first one we found this year was the one posted on Jarvis Landry’s Instagram page.  If you haven’t seen it, take a moment and check it out.  As I scoured the internet, I became a little frustrated with what was out there. Mostly just highlight videos over a hip hop track.  Not to knock that process, but for an editor it lacks something for my personal taste as a fan, broadcaster and editor.  I felt what was out there only dealt with the immediate highlight action and didn’t pay tribute to where we’ve been and why 2018 feels so exciting. A video that encompasses the pain and torment, the big changes in this offseason, and the reasons we have to be optimistic. A hype video that hopefully grabs the die hard Browns fan in the heart and really ramps up the intensity and optimism.  If you’re a Browns fan and watch this, I hope the ‘hype’ is inserted into you.  With that said, here it is…The Gridiron and Hardwood 2018 Cleveland Browns Hype Video. Enjoy.


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