Jarvis Landry, the Hero That Was Promised

Sports teams are like our children. You cheer their successes harder than most would. You feel more despair in their failures than they do. You scold their poor behavior or performance.  You will always see them as better than most normal observers ever would. You are more likely to forgive or look past certain things. Believe in their potential harder than anyone else.  But sometimes, your team isn’t doing everything it can.  Sometimes your team (top to bottom) isn’t a good representation of the city it represents. Sometimes your team needs a stern kick in the ass. Sometimes your team needs to be reminded of what causes lost games and lost seasons. And in those situations, you hope you have someone on that team that will identify that and get in his teammates face about it.

-That shit is over with here
-Because you don’t want to practice, because you’re a bitch
-That shit ain’t happenin’ here
-I can’t take a day off because I can’t get great that way
-All that weak shit don’t live here no more
-That shit is weakness and it’s contagious as fuck

Words of a leader.  The kind of words that pull a bad franchise out of the darkness

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