Did You Miss Us While We Were Gone?

After a well deserved four-year hiatus, PRO HOOPS CENTRAL, is coming back with an expanded and exciting new format. Under my old friend and colleague Jason Jones’ guidance, we introduce to you the debut of GRIDIRON AND HARDWOOD POWERED BY PRO HOOPS CENTRAL. In the coming weeks and months G&H, will become your one-stop-shop, for all your NFL and NBA information.

Jason and company will keep you up to date with all the latest comings and goings on the field and the floor, but will also delve into hard-hitting issues that take place behind the scenes. Jason, has been a diehard fan of the NBA and NFL, since childhood, and has reported on both sports for over 15-years, on the radio and in print. Never shy about expressing his opinion, Jason will share his unique perspective on the games he loves.

As every true sports fan realizes, the results on the field and the floor are just one aspect of the NFL and NBA universes. These pages will be filled with commentary on hiring’s and firings, trades and free agent acquisitions. We have seen players from both the Association and the NFL, taking on social issues for the first time in decades, pleasing some fans and outraging others. You will see these issues taken on by a variety of writers, each with their own thoughts on the issues of the day, spanning the spectrum of opinion.

Readers will also recognize some familiar names in the coming weeks, including yours truly. We might even be able to talk Our Old Pal New York Vinnie, out of retirement, to the delight of some and consternation of others. Love him or hate him, New York Vinnie always leaves a mark and courts controversy on a regular basis.

We will also be asking for feedback from our readers, let us know the issues that truly matter to you. Although this site’s main target audience will consist of hard-core fans of football and basketball, we also hope to appeal to the more casual sports fans.

As training camps get underway in the NFL, we are anxiously anticipating the start of the 2018 campaign, and the stories that unfold between now and February. The Association will feature an Eastern Conference lacking LeBron James, for the first time since the 2003-2004 season.

Are the Eagles and Patriots be the teams to beat in the upcoming season, or will some young hungry franchise capture the nation’s imagination? Can teams such as the Cleveland Browns, finally find their way out of the primordial ooze they’ve been mired in, since the city acquired an expansion team in 1999? Optimism abounds in late summer each year in Cleveland, will the best fans in the NFL finally get rewarded for their loyalty?

LBJ taking his services to the Staples Center, will radically alter the dynamic in the East, with Boston and Philadelphia, leading the charge to become the new kings of the mountain. Can the Golden State Warriors, once again make it back to “The Show,” for their fifth straight appearance, or will the Houston Rockets get past the team from the Bay Area, and give Chris Paul and James Harden, their chance to grab the brass ring?

What ever happens between right now and late June, 2019, we hope to educate, entertain, and inform our readers. Welcome aboard for the ride!

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