Silver’s Decision A Total Victory For The Good Guys

Back in 2010, former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson said that the team his club shared the arena with the Los Angeles Clippers, had Bad Karma. Jackson whom recently was named team president for the New York Knicks, is most likely pleased for the Association that the source of that Bad Karma had a lifetime ban from the NBA imposed on him this week. With a bold and decisive move NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gave the good guys an unmitigated victory, barring Clippers team owner Donald Sterling from all contact with his team and the Association.

He also asked the NBA Board Of Governors to force Sterling to sell his franchise, which requires three-quarters of the remaining team owners to vote in favor of the measure. Frankly, I would be surprised if any of the other team owners vote to support Sterling, lest they look like they supported the racist filth that emerged from the longtime owner’s mouth.

This was a pure win for good over evil, without any concessions or compromises. The Association has historically been far ahead of the curve on the subject of racial relations in professional sports. It was the NBA, that present the first all Black starting lineup, had a Black head coach back in the sixties as Bill Russell led his team to back to back NBA Championships. Basketball Hall Of Fame member Michael Jordan is the majority owner of the franchise in Charlotte.

The rookie Commissioner, knew that the statements made by Sterling were the complete opposite of the Association’s philosophy and as soon as they verified that it was the Clippers team owner on the leaked audio-tape, he made the right decision without hesitation.

It is highly probable that future generations will hail the move made by Silver on Tuesday  as a landmark decision. There may not have been a total victory of good over evil, since Jackie Robinson broke the color-line in MLB in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

If you still have any doubts over whether Donald Sterling deserved the punishment he received, “” reported on Friday that the Clippers’ owner told a reporter that he wished he had paid off his former mistress V. Stiviano off, so she would not have released the tape. That tells you all you really need to know.

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