NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Sterling For Life From Association

Rookie NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took a hard and decisive stance Tuesday afternoon, banning Los Angeles Clippers team owner Donald Sterling from any association with the NBA for the rest of his life effective immediately. Silver barred the longtime Clippers owner from any contact with the team or the Association, including attending games. The Commissioner also stated that he will recommend to the NBA Board Of Governors, that Sterling be forced to sell the team.

Silver told reporters at a press conference an investigation that the Association  completed an investigation  and concluded that the voice on the audio-tape with V. Stiviano, that was reported on Friday night was  the voice of Sterling. The Commissioner labeled the remarks as hateful and completely contrary to the views of the NBA.

The Board Of Governors can force Sterling to sell the franchise if three-quarters of the other team owners approve the measure. Silver told a reporter that the team-owners he has spoken with approve of the decision.

Los Angeles will be playing Tuesday night at the Staples Center as they host the Golden State Warriors in game five of their first-round NBA Playoff series, currently knotted up at 2-2. The fans and players reactions should give the Clippers a good shot at redeeming themselves after an unfocused performance in game four on Sunday.

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6 Responses to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Sterling For Life From Association

  1. robbo24 says:

    Good deal Jeff. Glad to see Adam coming up with something. I can agree with. A bit of a rarity. When it comes to me agreeing with any kind of top, Brass. This one is well justified, in my most,…….!

  2. Jeff Sack says:

    This was an uncontested win for the Good Guys! It also gave me great hope for Adam Silver as Commissioner due to the rapid and just ruling by the Rookie Head-Honcho! You know I had my problems with David Stern and I expected this guy to be his clone. This was a truly pleasant surprise, a victory for the Association as well as humanity in general!

  3. hoony says:

    Although what he said was hateful and doesn’t fit in with the views of the NBA, his conversation wasn’t public, he has the right to view things the way he does and he can hate or love whatever he wants. there was no agenda or actions made to follow through with his hatred. Given, he is a scum bag, but the real culprit is V. Stiviano. She definitely deserves some home wrecking kudos.

    • Jeff Sack says:


      We have the right to speak our mind in this nation, but all words carry ramifications. If we needed any further proof that the term “Behind Closed Doors” is a thing of the past, this situation iced it. As Silver said once the tape was released it was no longer a private conversation. When you are a public figure there is a far greater chance of your words coming back to haunt you and they did that to Sterling. As for V. Stiviano; there is an old saying that applies. When you sleep with dogs you just might get fleas.

      • hoony says:


        you are absolutely right. there is no such thing as a right to privacy. But woman are entitled to it right? or people feel they have the right to it, because of their sexuality. but if this conversation is between them for relationship issues, shouldn’t that be between them? i feel this conversation isn’t hateful towards blacks, but his insecurity about his woman and himself. this should in no way be public and be considered hateful. he has grounds for defense here. this isn’t about the general public. and she demonized him out of spite. this isn’t right

        • Jeff Sack says:

          First let me clarify that I think V. Stiviano has the morals of a snake and she did not release the tape as a service to the public. I am also pretty certain what she did was against the law in California, so this could come back and bite her in the butt. I am not sure of how much if any of the audio you have listened to, but it went far beyond him chiding her for having her picture taken with Magic. He came off like a Plantation Owner talking about his slaves. There maybe other NBA team owners who have the same private thoughts and as repugnant as that is, as long as they keep those thoughts private no one will bother them. But once those statements became part of the public record they became a weapon to use against him. I agree with you totally about her motives, but Bottom Line: he was stupid to trust her.

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