Former Cavaliers Star Craig Ehlo Gets Suspended Sentence For Reckless Burning

Craig Ehlo 9.13f

Craig Ehlo walked out of a Spokane, Washington courtroom on Wednesday as a free man, after pleading guilty to a charge Second Degree Reckless Burning. The charges stem from a family argument that the former NBA player was involved in last month. Ehlo was actually sentenced to 364 days in jail for the offense according to a report from ““, however the judge suspended 363 days and counted time served on the night he was arrested to fulfill the sentence.

Ehlo and his wife were involved in a domestic dispute at home in early August. After the fight was over family members told deputies on the scene, heard unfamiliar sounds emanating near the garage. When they went out to investigate the source of the noise, they discovered that Ehlo had pulled a big pile of clothes out of the garage and had set them on fire.

When the deputies arrived on the scene, two men had pinned the former NBA player to the ground, they told the law-enforcement officials that they kept him on the ground fearing Ehlo was going to jump into the blaze.

The judge in the case also waived the no contact order, that has kept the former NBA swingman from seeing his family since the incident. According to the reports, the members of Ehlo’s family stated that they never felt that the former key member of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Lenny Wilkens era, would hurt them in any way.

The 51-year-old had been an assistant-coach at Eastern Washington University, the past two seasons, but resigned his post on July 11.

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