With Byron Gone, Will Cavaliers Re-Sign Brown?

The Byron Scott Era came to an end on Thursday; as the “News Herald” has reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers dismissed their former head coach after three seasons. Scott, still had a year remaining on the contract that he signed with the club, reported to be about $4.5 million. According to reports; the franchise could be about to attempt what Northeast Ohio sports fans, refer to as an “Only In Cleveland Moment,” as he might be replaced by the same man he took over for in 2010. Former Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers bench boss Mike Brown, is one of the names that surfaced prominently to assume the position.

Cleveland Sports Fans; have a great sense of ironic humor luring within them, after many years of getting to the altar, without kissing the bride. So for many of them, a decision had to be made which scenario the bringing of Mike Brown as head coach would be more accurate, if it does come true. Would it mirror “Dallas” with team owner Dan Gilbert, walking into the Cavaliers locker room and see Brown emerging from the shower and realize the last three years, were a dream? Or would it be more like “Roseanne,” when they had the first Becky take back over the role from the second Becky?

There was little surprise that the team decided to make the move on Thursday, after the squad ended the regular season with a record of 24-58, the third worst record in the Association. The former Lakers star and bench boss for the Nets and the New Orleans Hornets, ended his stint with the team with a mark of 64-166, in his three years on the bench.

Gilbert, issued a statement through the team. The majority owner stated “I fully support the difficult move that was made today. Although we saw progress with young individual player development, we did not see the kind of progress we expected on the team level this past season. We understand it was challenging with the injuries, but when you are at our stage in the building process, you don’t only measure team progress in wins and losses. It has been our strong and stated belief that when our team once again returns to competing at the NBA’s highest levels it will be because we have achieved our goals on the defensive side of the court.”

If Gilbert and team General Manager Chris Grant, are serious about returning to having a defensive mind-set, Brown would be at the top of any NBA team’s wish-list, due to his defensive philosophy. Brown, along with former Cavaliers small forward LeBron James, led the Cavaliers to the best regular season record in the NBA, his last two years on the bench. Gilbert, however dismissed Brown in 2010, after the squad failed to reach the Finals for the second straight year. Brown, took Cleveland to their only appearance in the Championship round in the team’s history in 2007, when they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs.

The Los Angeles brain-trust, debated whether to bring Brown back for the 2012-2013 campaign, after being eliminated from the Post Season, far earlier than expected, in his first year on the pine after replacing Phil Jackson. Just five games into the young NBA campaign, the Lakers dismissed their bench boss; after coming out of the chute with a record of 1-4. The fact that Los Angeles would make the move after just five games; shows just how big a mistake it was for the club to bring back Brown for a second season; instead of causing needless embarrassment for a class guy like Mike Brown, as well as the franchise.

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