Oden Not Ready To Go Quietly Into The Night

Most people in Greg Oden’s position; would be ready to start the next adventure of their lifetime journey; leaving thoughts of playing in the NBA in the rear-view mirror. Unless he threw his money away, or invested in bad business deals; his grandchildren’s children should be set for life. The former first round pick of the 2007 NBA Draft, though follows the philosophy of the legendary Barry White who sang “I’m never, ever gonna quit ’cause quittin’ just ain’t my schtick.”

The center that the Portland Trail Blazers took instead of forward Kevin Durant, is now an unrestricted Free Agent, taking this season and next summer off, as he recovers from his third micro-surgery procedure. The surgery he had last year was on his left knee, however he has also undergone the operation on his right knee as well. While the effort he has put into his many comeback attempts are admirable; his body has yet to handle the rigors of an 82-game campaign.

The former starter for Ohio State, is not ready to give up on his dream of having a career in the Association and a number of teams that would have interest in retaining his services, “ESPN.com” reported Thursday. Although the big man would not be ready to take to the hardwood this season; the report states that teams will try to sign him this season, to a multi-year pact. In a best-case scenario Oden would start to play at the opening of training camp in the fall.

The website’s sources state that reigning NBA Champions the Miami Heat, would love to come to terms to fill the void in the middle, allowing Chris Bosh to play his more natural power forward position. If Oden can remain healthy for a campaign, would give the Heat a dominant presence in the pivot position. One problem that could keep Oden and the Heat from completing a deal, could be the salary cap in the Association, as penalties for exceeding it become far more severe starting next season. The big man would most likely sign a deal at the veteran’s minimum; however that would still add to the Luxury Tax that the Heat would have to pay.

You Can’t Teach Height,” has prolonged the careers of players, that if they had been a few inches shorter, most likely would never have played a minute in the NBA. Oden, does not fall into that category; as he is a gifted and talented young man. You have to admire him for keeping hope alive; however it is pretty tough to have much confidence of his ever reaching the potential he once possessed.

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