‘Twas The Night Before An NBA Christmas!

Santa Claus 12.24f

Twas the night before Christmas and in New York City

With the snow all around everything looked so pretty!

Most NBA Fans were tucked in their beds

With Knicks and Lakers playing hoops in their heads

Now New York Vinnie was up and awake

And was writing a story; when the house began to shake!

Out on the front lawn there was such a FRICKIN Clatter

New York Vinnie got up from my chair to see what was the matter!

There on the front lawn in the dead of the night

Was a short bald-headed man dressed in all Green And White

A Big Caddy Limo was parked in front of my place

And the bald-headed man was getting crimson faced

He screamed at the driver who sat in the car

Where the heck is my FRICKIN cigar?

The driver went over to the Nasty Old Fogey

And handed him over a 20 dollar stogie!

The bald-headed man lit the cigar with great care

And Soon there was smoke billowing into the air

Then the old man went back to his ride

And reached into his trunk to get something inside

New York Vinnie could not believe my eyes

When out of the trunk came a bag four times the man’s size!

He spit on his hands and then rubbed them together

Then he picked up the bag as if it were light as a feather

As he came to my door carrying his big sack

New York Vinnie exclaimed “You look like Red Auerbach!”

The man started to smile and said “Yes Vinnie its me

I come back once a year on Christmas you see!

All through this night I travel far across the land

Bringing Presents and Joy to NBA Fans!

And for You New York Vinnie I have answered your dream

For on tonight you have the Planet’s Best NBA Team!”

Then he climbed up the stairs and went through the front door

And he threw his big bag on New York Vinnie’s Living Room floor

Then he looked and he smiled and he said with a wink

“Hey New York Vinnie you got something to drink?”

So I poured him a cold one which he drank in a flash

Then he exclaimed “Lets get on with this bash!”

Then he opened the bag and shouted inside

“Hey Come On Fellas; Let’s look alive

Come Russell and Cousy; West and Kareem

Come out Dr. J. Moses Wilt and Hakeem

Here’s Larry and Magic and MJ and Pippen

And if you look over there you see Walton and Nixon

Yo, Willis and Clyde; DeBusschere and you Bernard King

Come on outside and bring Jackson and Ewing

Then he brought New York Vinnie Out back with a snort

And said Hey Vinnie You like your NBA court?

I stood there with wonder my mouth dropped in surprise

For I could not believe what I saw with my eyes

In New York Vinnie’s back yard

For all plainly to see was an NBA court

Just like the one at MSG

The players took to the hardwood and to my delight

Put on an exhibition and played all through the night

While everyone else were asleep in their beds

They played for an audience of two

New York Vinnie and Red!

The hours whizzed by it seemed in a flash

Then Red turned to Vinnie

And said We got to dash

We hope that you had a really great night

And this memory will make Your Christmas Day bright

Soon the players were gone and so was the court

Then Red said Vinnie my time here is short

But we will come back next Christmas

Because we appreciate Your support

Without fans like you Vinnie

There would be no NBA

And all these memories would soon fade away

It’s for you NBA fans that we play like we do

And we appreciate that you watch us the whole season through

The He shook Vinnie’s hand and said Be a good Laddie

And soon he and his driver drove off in the Caddy!

And he opened the window and shouted

Have a Great Christmas Day

Sit in front of your TV watching the NBA!

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