Here Come The New Orleans Rougarou? NBA Trademarks Five Names To Replace Hornets

The Rougarou vs. the Traiteur © (copyright Dan Junot)

The Rougarou vs. the Traiteur © (copyright Dan Junot)

Although it was previously reported that the new nickname of the Association franchise from the “Big Easy,” would most likely be the New Orleans Pelicans, according to “The Times-Picayune,” the NBA has filed trademarks for five possible new nicknames for the squad. Besides the Pelicans, Mosquitos, Bullsharks, Swamp Dogs as well as Rougarou are in the running to become the franchise’s new nickname.

Pelicans, as has been previously reported, are the state bird of Louisiana, while Bullsharks inhabit the Gulf Of Mexico. They could stick with the insect theme, by choosing Mosquitos, or they could go with the Cajun name for alligators which is Swamp Dogs. Perhaps the most interesting choice would be Rougarou; a mythical creature that has been part of the state’s folklore for generations. Sometimes depicted as a werewolf, or a Bogey-Man, the creature is said to dine on a diet of blood. The Hornets and the Association would not comment on the reports.

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