Miami’s Main Mission Is To Extend The Career Of D-Wade

The two main enemies for any professional athlete, are Father Time and injuries; unfortunately injuries can speed up the clock and make a player seem far older than he truly is. A case in point; is All-Star shooting guard and reigning NBA Champion Dwyane Wade; considered to be an “Old 30” by many observers of the Association. The Miami Heat star, racked by injuries over the past few seasons and is having a tougher than expected recovery, from an arthroscopic procedure he had on his left knee, earlier this summer.

The original prognosis was that he would be fully recovered from the surgery in 4-6 weeks, however the “Miami Herald” has reported, that nearly three months later he is likely another month away from being able to return to action. Wade will most likely miss all of his team’s preseason contests; as he aims to be ready to return to playing on October 30, the first game of the regular NBA campaign.

Wade spoke to reporters on Friday, about his expectations for the upcoming season. He said “Last year, I did what I could with what I was dealing with and I didn’t do too bad. This year, I’m looking to have an even better year. It’s all about just how efficient I can be. My opportunities are a lot different now than they’ve been, so I just want to be an efficient basketball player when I’m on the basketball court and that’s what I pride myself in.”

The All-Star guard played in constant pain last season and head coach Erik Spoelstra tried to lighten his star’s load by reducing his time on the court from 39 minutes the year before, to just 33 minutes per contest. Wade told media members, that having new addition; veteran shooting guard Ray Allen spelling him, will allow him to take a breather without fear. He said “One thing is, we’ve put ourselves in a position. I don’t have to play 40 minutes a night anymore. Signing a guy like Ray really helps and other guys can play multiple positions. Coming off surgery, you can’t just work out in the summer and think that’s it. Throughout the year, you still have to work. So, I have to work just as hard or even harder.”

LeBron James, was named the NBA MVP last season in both the regular campaign as well as the Finals; however it is Wade who is the true heart and soul of the Miami Heat. He was the reason that James and Chris Bosh took their talents to South Beach and both players still look at him as their leader. D-Wade may not be able to play the amount of minutes that he used to be able to, but he will make the most of his time on the hardwood.

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