Sources State Bynum Will Undergo Regenokine Procedure On Both Knees

Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum, will head to Germany next month, according to a report from the “Philadelphia Inquirer” on Monday, to undergo a non-surgical procedure to strengthen both his knees. The paper’s sources state that the recently acquired big man, who came to the Sixers from the Los Angeles Lakers last week, will go through the treatment, known as Regenokine; which reportedly has helped former teammate Kobe Bryant as well as Grant Hill and Brandon Roy.

The process consists of Bynum going through a ten-day period of doctors extracting tissue from his body, alter it and then put it back into his body. Roy, felt so much better after having gone through the procedure; that he has resumed his career in the Association, signing a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves after retiring last December.

Although, the paper states that the big man from the Sixers is not in any current pain and underwent a trouble-free campaign this past season, Bynum has been plagued by knee problems throughout his career in the Association. He missed large portions of the three previous campaigns, before the stars aligned for him this past year, as he had a breakout season and made his first NBA All-Star team.

Bynum is heading into a very important year for him, as he will become an unrestricted Free Agent next July 1. Although he could choose to stay in Philadelphia by signing a contract extension in the upcoming season, most NBA observers believe he will test the Free Agent waters next summer. Last month there were published reports, stating that Bynum would like to become a member of the Dallas Mavericks next season, a team that will have plenty of cap space to give him a max deal.

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5 Responses to Sources State Bynum Will Undergo Regenokine Procedure On Both Knees

  1. kevin says:

    hey jeff,
    i wouldn’t get to excited about a non-surgicial procedure, plus if it worked for other ballers, there is no harm. Also, he won’t get an extension, which will only get him 3yr-60+mil. he will what for free agency which can net him a 5yr 100mil contract from all other teams. The sixers own his rights which allows them to give him a 6 yr deal and more than 100mil.

    • Jeff Sack says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree with you totally, that the Regenokine treatment, is not a concern for fans of the Sixers or Bynum. There really is no down-side and it has allegedly helped Kobe and A-Rod, among others. I would also concur with you it is a pretty safe wager that Bynum, will not sign with any team before next July 1, for the reasons you mentioned, as well as it being far from certain he will sign with Phildelphia.

      Jeff Sack

  2. west says:

    Bynum is doing what any other superstar would do in his perdictament. He’s has a golden opportunity to get a max deal starting next season, why not explore it. otherwise the only down side to this equation is, Bynum must remain healthy throughout the entire season or he’ll lose all his leverage at the bargaining table in 2013. And that maybe a tall order to fulfill, and/or a tremendous amount of pressure he’ll have too endure as well. Hopefully his knees hold up to a full season and he command that big paid day which is projected. Nonetheless we’ll see in the coming months.

    • Jeff Sack says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have no problems with Bynum exploring Free Agency next summer, he has not caused the spectacle that Dwight Howard, among others have and deserves to get the best deal for him. I am a big Doug Collins fan, and I believe Bynum will benefit from his guidance in the upcoming campaign. The only risk that Andrew is taking, is that he can once again stay healthy and have a season similar to the one he is coming off of. If he can do that, he will get a max deal next summer.

      Jeff Sack

  3. Nick Tenchavez says:

    whats up with his hair? whats that white stuff?

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