YO, D-Howard Wake Me When You Makeup Your FRICKIN Mind

Why are there so many players in the NBA, who seem to be good guys until they become a free agent, at which point they turn into “FRICKIN SELFISH GREEDY PUDS“? Every year we see more examples of this “FRICKIN CRAPPOLA” and every year Your Old Pal New York Vinnie, grows more disgusted, with the “FRICKIN DOG AND PONY SHOW” that takes place.

Guys like LeBron, D-Will and one of New York Vinnie’s OWN BOYS, Carmelo Anthony, end up looking like “FRICKIN DOUCHE-BAG” in the process. However, that bad rep only lasts until one of these guys wins a title, as the “TV PRETTY BOYS” showed with James, as soon as he won that ring with the Heat, they all started singing his praises once again.

As ugly as those situations got, they all take a backseat to what has gone on over the year-plus, for one of the teams in the NBA Southeast Division. The team that New York Vinnie is re-christening the “Orlando Tragic” has played a game of scratch and tickle with All-Star center Dwight Howard since last summer. Although he is by far, the best guy in the pivot in the NBA, everyday more and more people think that he is acting like a “FRICKIN SPOILED FIVE-YEAR-OLD” with the way he has conducted himself since last summer.

Heading into last season, everybody figured that Howard was going to opt-out of the last year of his contract and become a free agent this summer. Howard though, got cold feet when Orlando told they would trade his behind if he did not sign the paperwork that guaranteed the team he would play the upcoming season under the terms of his current contract.

The “Tragic” fired New York Vinnie’s Old Pal Stan Van, as soon as the club lost in the first round of the playoffs and everybody figured that Howard and Orlando would soon have a deal. That was not what went down though, as the big guy told new “Tragic” General Manager Rob Hennigan, that he wanted to be traded and only to the Brooklyn Nets. That trade did not go down as Brooklyn got sick and tired of waiting around with their “FRICKIN THUMB IN THEIR EAR,”  so they traded for Joe Johnson, signed Brook Lopez and broke off the talks.

It seemed as if things would remain the same as the team went into the regular season, until Wednesday when Hennigan and his assistant Scott Perry had a sit-down with Howard and his reps in So-Cal, the “Orlando Sentinel” has reported. The center had his agent Dan Fegan and his manager Kevin Samples with him and told the “Tragic” he still wants to be traded before the season starts and he will not sign a new contract until next summer. Hennigan, tried to get all nicey-nice with the big guy, but the center wasn’t buying. Howard said that there was no reason for he and Hennigan to form a relationship as he has no intentions of ever playing for him.

YO Rob, Your Old Pal New York Vinnie has some advice for you; you should have just looked Howard dead in the eye and said “SCREW YOU! Nobody put a FRICKIN GUN to your melon last March and forced you to play next season under the terms of your old deal, you did that to yourself. Now go home and I will see you the first day of training camp”

Don’t try to butter this guy up My Man Hennigan, he is out the door, so play hard-ball with him. Tell him he has three choices, sign a new deal, stay at home, or keep your “FRICKIN YAP” shut and get ready to play. As for you D-Howard, New York Vinnie will have nothing to say about you until you are either dealt, or you do something worth mentioning in a game. New York Vinnie is sick and tired of riding your bus, let me know when you get tired of acting out like a “FRICKIN PUD.”

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