Mavericks Add Flavor By Bringing Mayo To Dallas

Last week, fans of the Dallas Mavericks were crying in their beer, while singing that old standard, “They’re Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine.”  On Monday however, optimism started seeping into “BIG D” and the fans started changing their tune, to The Beatles classic “Getting Better,” as the “Star-Telegram” reported that the former NBA Champs, have reached an agreement that will put shooting guard O.J. Mayo, in a Mavericks uniform for the upcoming campaign. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it is believed to be a multi-year pact.

The 24-year-old player, who recently completed his fourth season in the Association, was an unrestricted Free Agent, as his former club the Memphis Grizzlies declined to give him a qualifying offer. Mayo confirmed the report with a text message on his Twitter account, stating that his next professional home will be in Dallas.

The native of West Virginia, first gained national attention while he was in seventh grade, as he not only made the basketball team at Rose Hill Christian High School in Ashland, Kentucky; he averaged an amazing 23.1 points per contest. He followed that up as an eighth grade student by being chosen as the “Louisville Courier-Journal” selected him as a first-team all-state player.

After playing one year of college-ball at USC, Mayo entered the 2008 NBA Draft and the Minnesota Timberwolves took him with the third overall selection, then sent him to the Grizzlies that evening, for a package of players that included future All-Star forward Kevin Love. While the guard has yet to dominate in the Association as he did as a student, he has displayed talent and athleticism, during his four-year stint in Memphis.

Mayo started his first two seasons with the Grizzlies, but came off the bench during the last two years, decreasing his minutes as well as his productivity. His numbers have remained respectable however, as he has average 15.2 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists during his four years in the NBA.

The signing is the latest move in the last few days for the Mavericks, as General Manager Donnie Nelson restocked his roster and attempts to build a respectable squad for next season. After falling short of their goal to add Free Agent point guard Deron Williams to the club, followed by veterans Jason Kidd and Jason Terry leaving the squad to sign contracts with other teams, the Mavericks have made some nice additions.

Mayo will most likely join newly acquired point guard Darren Collison and new center Chris Kaman in the starting lineup, while the team also strengthened their bench with the additions of big man Elton Brand and swingman Dahntay Jones. There have also been reports that the club would like to bring back guard Delonte West, who was with Dallas this past season.

Will the Mavericks now be a viable contender to win their second NBA Title in three years with their recent signings? Probably not, however the squad should be strong enough to get Dallas back into the Post Season, which looked unlikely just last week. Nelson and Dallas Team Owner Mark Cuban, had hoped that by creating salary cap space, they could entice Williams and other elite players to play for their club. That plan has now been put on hold until next summer, however the roster the pair put together for the upcoming campaign, should be good enough to keep Mavericks fans entertained.

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2 Responses to Mavericks Add Flavor By Bringing Mayo To Dallas

  1. robbo24 says:

    Sack,…. No amount of window dressing will erase the colossal failure Donnie Nelson has initiated since last season. The only thing is it’s getting worst by the minute. After everything is pretty much said and done. Donnie once again let slip past his clueless managerial fingers. The likes of Landry Fields, D.J. Augustine, Ryan Anderson, Roy Hibbert, Ersan Illyasova, JaVale McGee.

    Instead he’s more than happy with loading up with a team of solid backup’s. I’ve said it before but it’s more than obvious now that it appears any player worth their salt is not willing to play second fiddle to Dirk, and I don’t blame them.

  2. Jeff Sack says:


    The best analogy I can give of your team’s current status is the glass at the halfway point; we shall soon determine if it is half full or half empty. It is a patchwork team for sure, that Nelson pulled together out of the ashes, when their “PLAN A” crashed and burned. Hibbert is a top five center in the Association in my opinion, but Pacers were not going to let him go, Anderson showed great potential this season with the Magic, but where would the Mavericks have played him? He’s a four, so they would have had to play him off the bench, and that is way too much money to spend on a reserve.

    Ilyasova, had a great year, but still lacks a long-term resume, I happen to think McGee has a big upside, but he is a space case and Carlisle would never have put up with him. Kaman is a former All-Star, who will be playing all year with a chip on his shoulder due to his lost year with the Hornets, which means he will go full bore every game. Which brings us to the last two players on your list, Augustine and Fields; I think your team got better versions of both of them in Collison and Mayo. I like Collison far more than D.J., he could be a true force at the point, while Augustine has flashes of brilliance and then negates it by making ten bonehead moves. I do like Fields, but I think Mayo is better and can eventually if he matures mentally can be a stud.

    This team pales in comparison with the team from two years ago, But I have to say Old Friend, that I like this roster far more than the one from this past season. Kaman is a major upgrade over Haywood, who is more interested in social networking than improving his game (remember a couple of years back when he had a column on Yardbarker?) He will never grow-up, as his laughing ion the bench when the Thunder was blowing out Dallas attests to.

    The only loss that you had this summer that I think will hurt the Mavericks, is the JET. Dahntay Jones will not come close to filling his shoes, but they did add depth and toughness to the bench with Brand, who still has a lot left in the tank I believe. So while the moves were not ideal, I have far greater hopes for your club than I did last week!

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