Good Luck In Houston J-Lin, You Are Too Big A Risk To Get Big Bucks

If a writer had submitted a script for a movie about an imaginary NBA player, who went through the experience that New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin did this past season, every “FRICKIN” studio in Hollywood would have rejected it because they would not think that the public would believe such a far-fetched fairy tale. A kid who had already been cut by two teams earlier in the season and whose butt had been nailed to the Knicks bench since he joined the club, was put into a game out of sheer desperation and becomes an overnight sensation.

Lin quickly became the “KING OF NEW YORK” and then the entire country fell in love with him and eventually he became a world-wide celebrity. The kid from Harvard, who looked more like the college kid down the block than he resembled other NBA players, was starring in a “FRICKIN” real life version of “Revenge Of The Nerds.”

The point guard became a restricted free agent on July 1, but most people who follow the NBA figured it was a no-brainer that he would be on the Knicks roster next season. That is starting to look less and less likely, as events took a curve over the past few days. New York Vinnie’s “BOYS” pulled off a sign-and-trade with the Blazers that sends Raymond Felton back to the Knicks. The veteran was balling big-time when New York sent him to Denver in the trade that brought Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks.

But the reason that Lin may not be back with “MY BOYS” next season is the offer-sheet that he signed with the Houston Rockets, according to the “New York Post” the contract is for three-years and would pay the guard 25 million clams, including $14.9 million in the third year of the deal. Although New York Vinnie and Carmelo Anthony do not see eye-to-eye on too many issues involving the Knicks recently, we are both on the same page as he called the contract “ridiculous” which it truly is.

My Man Jeremy, has had 25 starts in two-years in the NBA and teams were already starting to adjust to him as the Miami Heat just about shut him down when they played the Knicks in the regular season. Lin then messed up his knee, and was on the shelf for the rest of the season after having surgery. He just has not proven enough to deserve that kind of deal and if “MY BOYS” match it they will be in “FRICKIN SALARY CAP HELL” the last year of the contract.

Your Old Pal New York Vinnie understands why lots of Knicks fans are signing a petition to get the team to match the offer and bring Lin back. However, it is far too risky a deal on a player that has yet to prove he can do what he did last year on a consistent basis if you catch New York Vinnie’s drift. Jeremy, thanks for the memories and good luck with the Rockets, you are just too unproven to deserve that type of contract!

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