Yo J-Kidd, Knicks Need A Hero Not A Zero!

When Your Old Pal New York Vinnie was just a little guy, the first sign that it was officially the summer was when the ice-cream man drove his truck into our neighborhood. The gang would be playing stick-ball in the middle of the street, when one of us would start to hear that “FRICKIN CHEESY SONG” that came from the truck and would scream “ICE-CREAM MAN” as loud as they could. At that point we would all go “FRICKIN NUTSO” leaving all our stuff in the middle of the road as we all ran home to beg our mothers for change to buy a nutty-buddy, or an ice-cream sandwich. Fifteen minutes later we were back in the game still licking our lips.

Unfortunately the older we get the more complicated life becomes. New York Vinnie is not even sure if there is still an ice-cream truck that passes through my neighborhood as New York Vinnie now has a new indicator as to the official start of the summer. These days New York Vinnie proclaims it is the “Good Old Summer-Time” when the first report crosses the wire that some “STUPID FRICKIN PUD” who plays in the “The Greatest Game On Earth” gets busted for a DWI. This time around its personal for New York Vinnie as the “FRICKIN HALF-WIT” busted was one of “MY BOYS”  a member of the New York Knicks.

One of the players that Knicks General Manager Glen Grunwald signed last week to bring leadership to the club, did not exactly set a good example for his younger teammates on Saturday night. The “New York Post” reported that veteran point guard Jason Kidd was arrested for driving under the influence in Southampton at 2:00 am Sunday morning, after he wrapped his Caddy around a pole. The police took the veteran to Southampton Hospital and then brought him to the station house to book him, before they released him without bail.

The paper reported that J-Kidd had spent the evening at an East Hampton charity function that was thrown by R&B singer Ne-Yo and Kidd must have thrown them down pretty good, as some people at the party say he was “FRICKIN BLITZED.”  Reportedly, may of the other folks at the bash pleaded with Kidd not to drive, but he was too much of a “FRICKIN KNUCKLEHEAD” to listen, leading to his crash and his arrest.

YO Jason; what were you thinking My Man? This is the way that you wanted to introduce yourself to the “Greatest City To Ever Exist On The Planet, New York City” and to fans of the Knicks? Is this the impression that you wanted your new fans to have; that you are an overgrown “FRICKIN PUNK” that is stupid enough to get behind the wheel when you are blasted? New York Vinnie and all Knicks fans expect more than that from you My Man. We want you to act like the guy who taught Kobe how to play a team game at the Olympics in 2008, instead of a “FRICKIN BRAINLESS IMBECILE” who is too stubborn to hand over his keys.

Now, New York Vinnie is certain that when Kidd came out of his stupor he was “FRICKIN MORTIFIED” and soon he will issue a heart-felt apology and try to put this behind him as quickly as possible. Maybe it will be a wakeup call for the veteran and inspire him to play his best ball in years next season, but the bottom line is it never should have happened. Kidd was lucky that he rammed into a pole and not a pedestrian, hopefully that will flash in his mind if he ever gets that buzzed again!

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