Another Team Signs Kwame Brown? Sixers Sign The “BIG BUST” To Two-Year Deal

Do you want living proof that the old saying “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute” is the “FRICKIN GOSPEL“? Then let New York Vinnie introduce you to the “FRICKIN BIG BUST” center Kwame Brown, the true “EL PUD SUPREMO” of the NBA Draft. Brown could be the “LUCKIEST FRICKIN GUY TO EVER WALK THE PLANET” because not only was he taken with the first pick in the 2001 NBA draft, he is still playing in the NBA despite the fact that My Man is absolutely talentless.  

The big man now 30-years-old, has once again found himself some “FRICKIN DOPES” to give him a contract as the “Philadelphia Inquirer” reported Friday the Philadelphia 76ers have signed him to a two-year-deal for six million bucks over the life of the pact. New York Vinnie can think of lots of “FRICKIN HALF-WITS” running NBA teams that would be stupid enough to sign him; but Sixers team president Rod Thorn and head coach Doug Collins know hoops. How was that pair sucked into giving a two-year deal to the “FRICKIN BIG BUST“? 

Get on a search engine and look at the number one picks in the NBA since 2001 (Go ahead, New York Vinnie will wait for you) and you will see that the two worst top choices were Brown and New York Vinnie’s Old Pal “MR. RICKETS” former Blazers center Greg Oden. Now My Man Oden at least has an excuse as the dude’s body is made of crepe paper, but Brown’s only excuse is that he just “FRICKIN SUCKS” plain and simple. Collins of all people should know that as he was the first coach “EL PUD SUPREMO” ever played for when they were with the Washington Wizards.

Now, the Sixers do need a guy to back up starting center Spencer Hawes, but why Brown. If New York Vinnie had to make a choice between chosing Brown or Bill Russell at his present age to play on my team; Russell would get the gig! That is just how “FRICKIN TERRIBLE” this cat is.

If you ask any of the  “FRICKIN TV PRETTY BOYS” why Brown has lasted 11 years in the NBA and has just inked a deal with team number seven, they will say “Because, you can’t teach tall.” Well while that is true, this “FRICKIN PUD” has never taken advantage of his size advantage as he has averaged 6.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game since joining the NBA. Do those look like numbers that deserve three million clams a year? New York Vinnie thinks Russell might actually be able to get those numbers, even at 78-years-old!

Now New York Vinnie is not hating on Brown, but I am amazed at how this cat keeps raking in the “FRICKIN BUCKS” and still playing in the NBA. Yo Kwame, as long as you are never playing for “MY BOYS” the Knicks, New York Vinnie congratulates you for finding so many suckers in the NBA!

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