Christmas In July, NBA Teams Can Now Sign Free Agents

The signing moratorium in the Association, has come to and end and it is now time for the NBA version of “Christmas In July,” as players throughout the Association could start signing Free Agent contracts and contract sheets, that the teams they played for last season, will have three days to match. Unlike dealing with Santa Claus, the players don’t worry whether they were naughty, or nice, as long as they can hoop.

Here are some numbers and fun facts,for you to keep in mind  while watching your favorite franchise try to improve their rosters, that the “Associated Press,” reported on Tuesday night. Many things will remain the same as they were this past campaign in the Association, as the salary-cap for each team will remain at $58.004 million for next season, with the Luxury tax remaining at $70.037 million. The penalty for going above the tax in the upcoming season will remain at the same rate of a dollar tax for each dollar a team spends over the tax threshold. Next season teams will pay a much steeper rate if they cross the threshold.

If a team is under the Association salary cap, they receive a mid-level exception slot of $5 million, to use in acquiring Free Agents, while teams over the cap will have a mid-level exception slot for just $3.09 million. Teams who remain under the cap also have another tool that they can use, coined the “mini-mid-level” exception slot, which is for $2.575 million, to get more talent. Release The PENS.

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