Camby And Kidd Will Keep Carmelo From Acting Like A FRICKIN PUD Next Season

It is time once again for Your Old Pal New York Vinnie to tell you a very famous story about the “Emperor And His New Clothes.” Way Way back in the olden times there was a country ruled by an Emperor who thought that he was always right and he would surround himself with staff that would back him to the “FRICKIN” hilt! One day these two “FRICKIN” Con-Men show up at the Palace and they say they are the “Finest Tailors In All Of The World” and that they want to make the Emperor the “FRICKIN” Sharpest Suit that has ever been made of this brand new “Special Material.”

Well as New York Vinnie wrote above these guys were con-men and they were out to rob the “FRICKIN” Emperor. So they decide to play on his vanity. They said they have this incredibly special silk that only Highly “FRICKIN” Intelligent folks can see. Truth was this “FRICKINPair Of PUDS had nothing in their “FRICKIN” hands except for “FRICKIN” air! But the Emperor was ashamed to admit he could not see the silk so when the “FRICKIN” Con-Men started to OOOH And AAAH the Emperor did the same.

Now all the Emperors “FRICKIN” Royal Advisers came in and were told about the special material; none of them wanted to seem like “FRICKIN” Dim-Wits so they all pretended they saw it as well! The suit was “FRICKIN” expensive as hell and the Con-Men got their money and went on their way.

The next day the Emperor went out to show off his new suit. Everybody pretended they could see the suit except for one old senile woman. This woman walked up to the Emperor and asked him why he was walking around stark “FRICKIN” naked. The Emperor and his advisers outraged by her “FRICKIN”  statement told the woman she clearly was not intelligent enough to see the special material. The Old Lady would have the last “FRICKIN” laugh though as she walked up to the Emperor and pulled a clump of hair off his chest and handed it to him!

The reason that New York Vinnie brings up that old story is in a way that was what happened with “MY BOYS” the New York Knicks this past season. The “FRICKIN” player that finagled his way onto the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony acted like a “FRICKIN PUD” throughout the season and none of his teammates had the stones to tell him. So Anthony kept acting the fool and the team from “GOTHAM CITY” that had so much talent still ended up as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference.

Mike D’Antoni lost control of the players and the team became more “FRICKIN” dysfunctional with every game they played. Now it was not as bad as when these two “FRICKIN HALF-WITS” ran the team,

but D’Antoni ended up losing his gig because he and Carmelo had constant hassles. Although things did get somewhat better when Coach Woody took over, Anthony still put his own wishes above those of his teammates.

The chances of Melo getting away with that kind of “FRICKIN CRAPOLLA” in the upcoming season has diminished as General Manager Glen Grunwald was able to bring in two veteran leaders that can put Anthony in his place. Marcus Camby is not the same player he was when he played for “MY BOYS” the first go round and Jason Kidd’s skills have gone south since he played for the Nets. But both guys can still ball and they are not about to walk on eggshells around Carmelo and kiss his “FRICKIN PATOOTIE” if you catch New York Vinnie’s drift.

Camby has played with Anthony when the two were still in Denver and Kidd has the “FRICKIN” battle scars and championship ring that should automatically gain Melo’s respect. New York Vinnie believes that if Anthony takes shots outside the flow of the game the two vets will chew him a new one. They do that a couple of times and Anthony is sure to fall into line.

New York Vinnie was totally “FRICKIN PUMPED” when New York got Carmelo and Chauncey Billups from the Nuggets in February of 2011, but if being a “FRICKIN DIVA” worked in Denver it will not play in  the “Greatest City To Ever Exist On The Planet, New York City.”  Either play the game the right way, or get out-of-town Melo, the choice is yours!

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