J-Kidd Broadway Bound, Knicks Said To Have Agreement With Veteran Guard

After failing to land veteran point guard Steve Nash, who reached a sign and trade agreement on Wednesday that will send him to the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks reportedly came to terms with another veteran Free Agent point guard. The “New York Post” reported Thursday afternoon, that according to their sources the team has a deal in principle with former Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd. The paper’s sources state that the pact will be for three years and that Kidd is expected to come off the bench for the club. The report also stated that the Knicks will make every effort to bring Jeremy Lin back to the team.

Although Kidd is no longer the elite point guard that he was earlier in his career, he can still provide badly needed leadership on the squad and help put all the players on the same page. Kidd already has a strong relationship with center Tyson Chandler, from their days playing with the Mavericks. He will also command and receive respect from Carmelo Anthony, who was not a team player this past season. He has the demeanor and the resume that should make Anthony play within the system; plus he has something that Carmelo lacks, a Championship ring.

The veteran signing with New York, removes yet another piece of the 2011 NBA Championship Dallas Mavericks roster. Although the Mavericks now have plenty of room under the NBA salary-cap, they have yet to entice any players to join them.

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2 Responses to J-Kidd Broadway Bound, Knicks Said To Have Agreement With Veteran Guard

  1. robbo24 says:

    Well, well, well. The Mavs is o’fer NY/Brooklyn. When I look around I see an aggregation of ex-Mavs in and around the NY area. I’m saying direct transactions by Donnie Nelson. Players around the Association must know something I don’t know when it comes to picking and choosing a team named Mavs.

  2. Jeff Sack says:

    That Voodoo Doll must look like Swiss Cheese right about now Old Friend. This has truly been a messup of epic proportion and the fans in Dallas must be hotter than the weather right now. Let’s also not forget about The JET that is about to land in Boston’s Logan Airport. As I wrote earlier this week, Cuban’s instincts have failed him BIG TIME, unfortunately it is the Fans as always who get hurt the most.

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