How About Moving The Sacramento Kings To Seattle?

Just about a year ago, it seemed as if the Sacramento Kings were on their way to Anaheim, the city that they expected to be playing in at the start of the 2011-2012 NBA campaign. An eleventh-hour decision stopped the exodus from taking place, as the Team Owners, Joe and Gavin Maloof negotiated a deal with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and the other city leaders, to build a new stadium for the club to play in. The Maloof brothers, would help finance the deal and it appeared that the city had dodged a bullet, keeping their team, for what they expected to be a long time.

Earlier this season, the situation in Sacramento grew sour, as the Kings Team Owners, have yet to follow through on their committment and plans for a new arena in the city are now at a standstill. One can already realize where this never-ending soap-opera is heading, as rumors of the club moving to Anaheim or Las Vegas. should start springing up at any time.

Southern California, is certainly not in need of a third NBA franchise, especially with the metamorphosis of the Clippers this season to becoming a legitimate contender in the Association’s Western Conference. Needless to say, the Lakers and the Clippers would be less than pleased with that move and would most likely demand financial compensation before they would approve it.

Moving the team to Las Vegas, would open up a Pandora’s Box of problems; both for the city and the Association. Of course all sports books would have to make sure that the city’s franchise would never be included in any bets taken by the casinos, however with Vegas having an NBA team, could the casinos still allow bets on any contest in the Association, without questions raised about possible conflicts of interest?

If the Maloof brothers and the city of Sacramento can not come to terms to keep the franchise in the state capital, there may be a better alternative to the two cities already mentioned. With the Oklahoma City Thunder playing in the NBA Finals, their former home the city of Seattle, is back in the spotlight. The city wants to have their own NBA team once again and have plans underway to build a new arena to house a new team.

If Sacramento and the Kings can not reach a deal, then  the next best thing would be for the Team’s Owners to sell the club to one of the many groups wanting to own a new Seattle NBA squad. It would be a move rewarding a fan-base that supported the Supersonics for 41-years, before they relocated to their current home. It would also be a far better move for the Association, rather than having to deal with splitting fans of the Association in Southern California, three-ways instead of just two. It also alleviates any problems the Association would have in Las Vegas.

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2 Responses to How About Moving The Sacramento Kings To Seattle?

  1. Daniel says:

    if you’re gonna sell the team, why not sell it to somebody who will help a city doing everything in its power to keep the team in its home. selling it to seattle would be a stupid move, as sacramento is not the problem, the maloofs are.sacramento has pledged nearly every dollar in this city, but the maloofs are tearing down every proposal that involves them expending just one dollar or the slightest amount of energy whatsoever. if it came down to it, i’d bet my yearly salary that if given the option, sac would raise enough money through taxes or budgetting or whatever to buy the team outright. so if the team moves, especially if the problem is dealt with beforehand, a great fan base will be alienated and will probably curse the nba forever.

    • Jeff Sack says:


      Thanks for taking the time out to read and comment on this article. I agree with you, that keeping the Kings in Sacramento would definitely be the best case scenario and if there are buyers ready to take over the team and keep it in your city, I would back that plan all the way. We are hearing nothing on a national platform that has stated that there are local buyers who want to keep the team in Sacramento, perhaps you have some knowledge that we are not aware of in the East. Also according to what I have been able to undeerstand, Kevin Johnson has stated that the new arena would have to be privately funded, again perhaps you could enlighten me with some new info.

      I totally blame the Maloof’s for the current situation; They started out as great owners during the Adelman years, but have allowed the team to turn into a cellar dweller for years now. Geoff Petrie has the reputation of being a “genius,” but he has yet to impress me. Now they want to trade Tyreke? They just keep wandering through the desert without a concrete plan. You have a great coach, I covered Keith Smart in Cleveland and he is a great guy with a lot of knowledge.

      My column was meant as a Worst Case Scenario; Ideally the Kings reward the support they have been given by the fans and stay in Sacramento. However; if not I would much rather see them in Seattle than in Anaheim or Vegas!

      Jeff Sack

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