Can The Magic Hire A Quality Coach And G.M. Before D-Howard Decides His Fate ?

Although reports keep circulating that former Charlotte Bobcats coach Sam Vincent, is trying to come up with a way to get former Lakers and Bulls bench boss Phil Jackson to become the next General Manager for the Orlando Magic; truth be told, Jackson is far too sharp to walk into such a volatile situation.

Even if the Magic can convince center Dwight Howard to sign a long-term deal and get Free Agent forward Ryan Anderson to agree to commit to the team, Orlando would still have a lot of holes to fill in the upcoming season. If Howard will not sign an extension, leading to him being traded and Anderson goes to another team; then the club will go into total rebuild mode; yet if the pair stay with the franchise, the Magic will work their hardest to get the duo, the best group of players to join them that they possibly can.

Unless the team decides to promote from within to fill the General Manager’s seat; who in their right mind would take the job that has an impressive resume, without knowing what direction the team will take next season? Are they going to augment the core of Howard, Anderson and Jameer Nelson, or trade the best center in the Association to the Brooklyn Nets, for a bunch of young talent and draft picks? 

As for a new coach, it would have to be either an assistant so intent on becoming a head coach, that he will take the job and think about the consequences later, or someone with such a bad track record, they have few options open to them. That does not sound like the road to quick success in the Association, especially in the Southeast Division. However, unless they are able to convince a candidate such as Jerry Sloan, that they have a plan in place for both contingencies, their pickings will be slim until their future gets resolved.

Perhaps there is already an understanding between Orlando and Howard, but they do not want to reveal it, for fear of the backlash he might receive if the fans of the Association believe that he was ready to commit to the club the moment they fired former coach Stan Van Gundy. Even if  Howard actually did help orchestrate the firing of his former bench boss, he does not want to be thought of as a “Coach Killer” because it would  damage his reputation.

Unless that is the case, we may see the Magic go through the Draft with an interim General Manager and without a coach. Either that or Team Owner Rich DeVos and CEO Alex Martins better do a superb job of selling their team to the strongest candidates they interview.

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