Stoudemire’s Temper Tantrum Leads To Surgery On Left Hand, Return Unknown

There are certain players currently in the Association, that can commit the most outrageous acts that could be conceived without evoking much surprise from most NBA observers. New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire is not among that group of players; which makes his thoughtless and childish behavior after the Knicks lost their second Playoff game to the Miami Heat Monday night so shocking. The forward and his club will pay the price for his taking out his anger on a plate of glass with his left fist; as the “New York Post” has reported that the Knicks star had surgery on his hand repairing a small muscle when he smashed the glass front of the storage-case for a fire extinguisher.

The paper’s sources state that the Knicks big man most likely will not be able to return to the court during this series. The club has announced that Stoudemire has been scratched from the lineup for game three; as the series moves to Madison Square Garden with the Heat on top 2-0. The team has said that the All-Star is doubtful for game four and will be reevaluated if the series goes more than four games.

I am one of the most competitive people on the planet and I despise losing; however I could not envision getting that angry over the loss of an event to punch a pane of glass. What Amar’e did in the visitor’s locker room not only irrational; but irresponsible as well. For New York to have had any chance to compete against Miami and possibly defeat them; Stoudemire had to be on the court and playing at his best. The temper tantrum that he displayed on Monday night, will most likely lead to a very quick exit in this year’s Post Season.

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