Reports Resurface That D-Howard Will Ask Magic To Fire Van Gundy After Season

Will the Crown Prince Of Orlando; otherwise known as Dwight Howard stage a palace coupé at the Magic Kingdom this summer which will lead to the ouster of Magic bench boss Stan Van Gundy and his staff? Those rumors that were shot down by the team’s front office last month, were back in the headlines on Wednesday as Orlando TV station “WKMG Local 6” has reported that according to their sources, the Orlando center will ask for the Magic bench boss and his staff to be terminated in return for Howard signing a contract extension with the club after the season.

The rumors that the All-Star center wanted his coach fired at end of the campaign started circulating just before Howard signed a waiver which obligated him to play under the terms of his existing contract next season. The big man could have opted-out of the last year of the deal and become a Free Agent this summer; however after asking to be traded earlier this season Howard could not bring himself to leave the city and the team that he has called home since entering the Association.

Although Van Gundy has found success as a coach in the NBA, he can be loud and abrasive as well as coming off as callous in certain situations. If the reports pan out, perhaps Howard has grown tired of the message as well as the messenger and believes the team would perform better under a different bench boss. Were the team put in a position where they had to make a decision of which path to take; the choice should be quite easy. There are plenty of good coaches that Orlando could hire if needed, where as Howard is by far the most dominant player at his position in today’s Association.

The station has reported that if the veteran head coach and his staff are terminated at the end of the season their sources state that Orlando will say that the franchise “just couldn’t win in a timely fashion.” Orlando has a record of 32-22 this season and are the fifth seed in the NBA Eastern Conference Playoff chase.

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