Will Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni Survive The Rest Of The Season?

Had Monday night been the last games played during the regular season in the Association, the New York Knicks would not be heading to the Playoffs after losing their sixth straight contest to the Chicago Bulls by a final tally of 104-99. The Knicks’ loss combined with the third win in a row for the Milwaukee Bucks, have Milwaukee as the eighth seed with New York on the outside looking in. They are also just a half game ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers who have also won their last three games.

When the Knicks acquired Free Agent center Tyson Chandler just prior to the start of the campaign, many NBA observers expected the club to battle it out with the Bulls and the Miami Heat for supremacy of the Eastern Conference. Instead, it has been a very disappointing season, save for the couple of weeks when Knicks guard Jeremy Lin burst out of nowhere just before the All-Star break, carrying the team back to the .500 mark and capturing the hearts and minds of New York fans in the process.

Linsanity” is just a rapidly diminishing memory now, as the Knickerbockers have gone into free-fall mode and there is no telling how long it will be until they hit bottom, with three more games to play this week. Fans of the team, are up in arms and calling for blood; specifically that of the squad’s head coach Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni dodged a bullet earlier this season, as there were published reports that the Knicks bench boss would be dismissed on the Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. Lin’s incredible streak brought the former Phoenix Suns coach a reprieve, but that extension may soon expire.

Team Owner James Dolan, is not known for having a lot of patience with the people he puts in charge of his club; except when it came to former Team President and head coach Isiah Thomas, who remained in power long after he should have been fired. New York has assistant coach Mike Woodson on the bench, the man who helped lead the Atlanta Hawks back to respectability. If the Knicks drop their remaining three games this week, he may be asked to do the same thing with this team.

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