Reports State Celtics Actively Looking To Deal Rondo Before Trade Deadline

Ever since Arnold “Red” Auerbach walked into the “Original Boston Garden” back in the fifties taking over a franchise that had never had any great success and turning it into a team that would win 11 NBA Titles in 13 seasons; the team has operated under a system called “The Celtics Way Of Doing Things.” It is a joint set of rules, as well as a philosophy of how Boston players conduct themselves on and off the hardwood. Pure talent alone was never enough for Red, who wanted players who were always thinking on the hardwood, as well as conducting themselves as professionals in social situations; as they represented the team.

The man whose face and cigar were synonymous with the club, passed away a few years back, however “The Celtics Way Of Doing Things” is still in effect, with former players like Tommy Heinsohn and Bob Cousy, who played for Red, are still connected with the team. A later generation of former Celtics players is represented in the franchises front office by Team President Danny Ainge. The Celtics executive would win two titles with Boston during the eighties.

Boston has acquired talented players in the past only to quickly part company with them if they did not play within the system. A perfect example would be superstar Bob McAdoo, who played just 20 games for the Celtics  during the 1978-1979 campaign before heading to Detroit the following season.

According to a report that “” published Wednesday night, Ainge believes he has a starter that doesn’t follow the rules and the website’s source stated that the team not only has made it known that the player is available; they are going out and trying to interest other teams in making a deal. The player in question; the Celtics All-Star starting point guard Rajon Rondo.

The source told the website that the team says that the player flies off the handle far too easily, as well as constantly getting into run-ins with Boston bench boss Doc Rivers. The breaking point for Ainge may have been when Rondo whipped a ball into the chest of a game official  earned a suspension from the Association for two games in mid-February.

Rajon must truly be a distraction to the rest of his team, if these reports are true. Because they would be giving up arguably one of the five best point guards this season and it is truly doubtful that they can get equal value in return. Rondo racked up yet another triple-double on Wednesday night as his team topped the Bucks; point guards who can do that are very hard to come by.

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