Center Eddy Curry Appears To Have Made Heat Regular Season Roster

The old saying “You Can’t Teach Height” has extended many big men’s careers over the years in the NBA; especially in the last few years as there has been a severe shortage of quality men in the middle in the Association. There are starters in the pivot position today that would have been fortunate to be sitting on the bench back in the era when behemoths ruled the hardwood. Although some of these athletes have minimal skills, or are constantly being injured; general managers throughout the Association hold out hope on these players far longer than they would for a 6’2″ guard.

Center Eddy Curry at one time was a very talented young center for the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks that allowed his addiction to food to dominate his life after he signed a long-term deal with the Knicks. The added weight pretty much capsized his career; not only did the big man resemble a parade float, he has been battling injuries caused by the extra pounds over the last few seasons. He was traded last season in the last year of his contract from New York to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who promptly released him even with the worst record in the NBA.

The veteran put himself on a conditioning program in the spring to try to make the Miami Heat this season. Although Curry had shed a lot of weight when he showed up for training camp; he has been inactive since early on as he suffered a hip injury the first weekend of camp. Never the less, according to the “Sun Sentinel” the center has just about locked up a spot on the club’s opening day roster. Head coach Erik Spoelstra told reporters “The idea when we brought Eddy to camp was to think big picture.”

That basically tells you just how desperate Miami is for a quality big man as Joel Anthony is currently penciled in to be the starter in the middle. The question now becomes, has all the years of abusing his body brought Curry to a point of no return? We should find out that answer in the coming weeks and months.

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