Welcome To Our New Home, PRO HOOPS CENTRAL

A New NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, a new NBA season and a brand new name for NBA OVERTIME! Welcome to our new home and our new name PRO HOOPS CENTRAL. Although our name has changed, we still pledge to be the only NBA website you will ever need! Join us as we analyze and dissect all the moves from your favorite NBA team. Remember; PRO HOOPS CENTRAL is your number one source for NBA Information.

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2 Responses to Welcome To Our New Home, PRO HOOPS CENTRAL

  1. robbo24 says:

    Love the new digs, can’t wait for some NBA action.

    Hope the Association don’t do nothing stupid to mess it up for the fans. Like fighting with players, or giving owners undue privileges with ticket prices.

    I hope the bevy of games slated for Christmas hold it’s weight and don’t disappoint. They have been off for quite awhile. I expect a whole lot of sloppiness. Early NBA games can get uninteresting.

    • Jeff Sack says:

      Robbo; As Always, I appreciate your support and your friendship! I think that we have seen the last of the fighting for at least a while. I also would be truly shocked if some owner would be foolish enough to try to raise prices for at least this season. The Association can not afford to further alienate any of its fan base right about now. As in all sports, the early games in the NBA can definitely get sloppy, or one-sided. I think that is why we are seeing the teams that have been chosen to represent on Christmas Day. The only un-proven teams playing that day are Clippers vs Warriors. That game is on because the Association is pushing Blake Griffin as the new “Golden Boy” and there is a ton of curiosity as to how Mark Jackson will do now that he is finally an NBA coach. However if you have the “LEAGUE-PASS” as I do, be prepared to see some pretty ugly contests over the first couple of weeks!

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