Shaq Turned Away By New York Night Club For Not Meeting Dress Code Standards

Photo Courtesy Of TMZ

Turns out that fame and fortune alone will not allow you through any door on the planet, at least if you are not properly dressed. Our old friends from celebrity gossip website “TMZ” reported on Thursday, that former NBA All-Star center turned broadcaster Shaquille O’Neal was turned away at a New York City night spot last Saturday night for not meeting dress code standards. The website reports that the “Big Shamrock” tried to get into Mars 2112, but was turned away at the door for being too casually dressed.

O’Neal was wearing jeans, sneakers, a sweatshirt and a stocking cap and the nightclub’s promoter Mike Mogul told the website that they were not about to make an exception for the legendary center. After registering surprise, the big man turned around and headed to another club in the city. It will be interesting to see if O’Neal goes back to the club properly dressed in the future, or decides that the club does not meet his standards.

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