Eve Of Destruction, Players Reject Deal Will Disband Union

The worst case scenario has taken place in the NBA, as the “New York Times” reported Monday that the NBA Players Association has rejected the latest proposal from Association Team Owners, and have decided to dissolve the players union. With the players decision to disband the NBA Players Association, will allow the players to take the Association to court and they will bed able to file an ant-trust suit against the NBA, as well as challenge the legality of the Lockout.

Former NBAPA Executive Director Billy Hunter spoke to members of the media Monday afternoon, after the conclusion of a four-hour meeting by the players. Hunter told reporters “The players just felt that they had given enough, that the N.B.A. was not willing or prepared to continue to negotiate. Things were not going to get better.”

Forty players met on Monday morning to discuss the deal that Commissioner David Stern had put on the table on Thursday. Hunter sent a letter to the NBA front office informing them of the players decision, before addressing the media on Monday afternoon. If the players union had accepted the latest deal, then a 72 game regular season would have started on December 15. With the rejection of the proposal and the dissolution of the NBAPA, there is a real possibility that the 2011-2012 NBA campaign will go by the boards without a game being played.

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2 Responses to Eve Of Destruction, Players Reject Deal Will Disband Union

  1. robbo24 says:

    I predict a huge spike in college Basketball ratings this year.

    • Jeff Sack says:


      Most likely you are right; however although I like the college game especially around tournament time, it is not the same game. As a Mavericks fan, you must feel especially cheated. However, this is going to a long, cold, lonely winter for all fans of the NBA.

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