NBA Players Open To Compromise, Request Meeting Before Wednesday Deadline

All is not lost for those holding out hope for an NBA regular season as the “New York Times” has reported that NBA Players Association President Derek Fisher told members of the media on Tuesday, that the players are willing to accept the proposal of a 50/50 split in revenues if certain other details can be worked out. Fisher said “We’re open-minded about potential compromises on our number. But there are things in the system that are not up for discussion, that we have to have, in order to be able to get this season going again.”

According to the report, the players want teams that are paying a luxury tax to be able to retain the right to use the full mid-level exception to sign a Free Agent. Teams are currently allowed to offer $5 million to a Free Agent with the exception. The report also states that the players are against a fine for repeat offenders; Team Owners are pushing for clubs to be fined for exceeding the salary cap three times in five years.

Association Commissioner David Stern told NBA TV that he would like further communication with NBA Players Association Executive Director Billy Hunter. However Stern said that he could not resume negotiations without the consent of the owners labor relations committee. Stern has set a deadline of 5:00pm EST Wednesday for the Players Association to accept the current deal on the table.

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