Reports State That 78 Game Schedule Still Possible For NBA Regular Season

With the announcement late last week that the Association had cancelled games through November 30, there is no longer any chance of the NBA regular season will consist of 82 games. There still could be a chance of the Association having a 78 game campaign according to the “New York Post” as they reported Sunday that their sources are saying if an agreement is reached by next weekend, the NBA could restructure the schedule so that only four games would be lost.

According to the report, the NBA could push the end of the regular season to the end of April, as well as scheduling games closer together throughout the campaign. One factor involved could be the availability of dates at the home arenas of each franchise. Most likely the original schedule will be scuttled, and the Association will start from square one. That would mean that match-ups that have been cancelled by the Lockout could still take place.

According to multiple sources, the major sticking point is still the division of revenue; with NBA Team Owners wanting a 50/50 split, while the NBA Players Association is holding firm as of now to wanting 52% of all revenue. Reportedly most of the other major issues have either been agreed upon or the two sides are close to an agreement. There are currently no further talks scheduled to take place, however a meeting could be called by either side at any time.

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