CP-3 Tells Reporters "We Just Want A Fair Deal"

Sunday night, basketball fans in Oklahoma City got a taste of what followers of the Association are sorely missing; as a collection of All-Stars showed up for a charity game organized by Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant had organized. The game which featured among others, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul raised $100,000 for Single Parents Support Network of Oklahoma City. All-Star guard Paul, told the “Associated Press” that the players participated because of their admiration for Durant. The Hornets veteran said “Guys don’t get paid to play in these games. Guys come out here because of how much respect they have for KD and what he does for the community and for kids and giving back.”

Paul stated that their was another reason why he and other elite players were on the court Sunday evening. The point guard told members of the media “As you see in these games that we’re playing, we love to play the game. We’re going to find a way to play; any way possible. We want to just keep giving our fans the opportunity to see us because if not for the fans, we’re not who we are. So we just want them to know that we still want to keep working toward a deal because it’s not just about us. It’s about the fans, it’s about the employees, all the people that make our game happen. We want to play; just make sure everyone understands that.”

The veteran was asked what it would take for the players to come to an agreement with NBA Team Owners and ratify a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. He responded “We just want a fair deal. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. We want a system that works and we want a split that’s doable. So, we’re not being greedy or anything like that. We just want a fair deal.”

Last week both sides met with a federal mediator, but broke off negotiations after three days. There are no further talks scheduled at the present time.

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