NBA To Announce That Training Camp Will Not Start As Scheduled

Apparently the NBA will make a formal announcement Friday, that will confirm what most NBA observers have expected for th past few months. According to a report from “” the Association will announce on Friday that the start of training camp and preseason games will be delayed. The report states that after representatives from the NBA Players Association and Team Owners did not make any progress in a negotiating session on Thursday, the website’s sources state that the NBA will announce the postponement of training camp. Media Day in the Association had been scheduled to take place on October 3.

The distribution of revenue between the players association and Team Owners, remains the major obstacle in the negotiations to ratify a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Reports from the negotiating sessions are that the Team Owners seem to be adamant about imposing a hard  salary cap and reducing players’ share of revenue that the Association collects. Meanwhile, the NBA Players Association are asking for owners top make a choice between the hard cap and a sharp decrease in players share of the revenue. As of the end of the negotiations on Thursday, they had not come close to finding a middle ground.

Time is now running short if the Association wants to start the regular season as scheduled on November 1. Between the signing of Free Agents and getting players in shape to take on the rigors of the NBA campaign, it is estimated the Association would need a month before they could begin the regular season once a new CBA has been ratified. That would mean that the two sides would have to reach a new deal by the end of September, a prospect that seems unlikely at the present time.

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