Good-Bye Artest, Welcome Metta World Peace, Lakers Veteran Has Name Changed

Before somebody else uses this line let me beat them to the punch: From now on whenever “The Basketball Player Formerly Known As Ron Artest” asks to go back into a game, all he’ll be saying will be to give Peace a chance. The “Los Angeles Times” reported that the Los Angeles Lakers veteran forward had his name legally changed on Friday to Metta World Peace at Los Angeles County Superior Court. A Commissioner from the court approved the name change, which took two attempts to get completed. An attempt to get his name changed in August was denied, as there were outstanding parking tickets under his former name.

Peace, was not present in the courtroom as his case was heard, because he was in rehearsal for his upcoming appearance on the ABC-TV series “Dancing With The Stars.” The Lakers starter will be a contestant in the upcoming season. He joins a list of other players from the Association that have changed their names while playing in the NBA over the years. Former Lakers stars Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jamal Wilkes, former Cleveland Cavaliers star World B. Free and former Denver Nuggets forward Bison Dele are among the players who went through the process. Peace, credits New England Patriots wide-receiver Chad Ochocinco as his inspiration for changing his name.

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