LaMarcus Aldridge Says He Would Sit Out Season "To Get A Fair Deal Done"

Wednesday was day number 54, since Commissioner David Stern and Team Owners imposed an NBA Lockout, and there appears to be no end in sight, according to sources from both sides of the bargaining table. Although some players from the Association may be feeling their resolve slipping away to do what ever it takes to get a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement that they are happy with, that is not the case for Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge.

In an interview with the “Oregonian” the talented forward who has opened a lot of eyes in the Association over the past couple of seasons, whether he would be willing to sit out an entire season to get an equitable deal. The Blazers player responded “If that’s what it takes to get a fair deal done, then yes.”

Aldridge, is well aware of the substantial gap that is currently keeping the two sides from coming to terms on a new CBA. When he was asked if he thought the work-stoppage would be coming to a quick end he replied “No. Both sides are pretty (far) off right now. So it’s going to be a while.”

Aldridge has not explored opportunities playing outside the Association as of yet, but he has not ruled out the possibility if the work-stoppage postpones the start of the regular campaign.

Speaking of next season, Aldridge was asked his thoughts about the trade that sent veteran point guard Andre Miller to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Raymond Felton. The forward said “It’s definitely going to be hard to see Andre Miller leave; I love playing with him. But Raymond Felton is also a good player and he is going to make us better. We’re looking to play faster and he can get up and down the floor. He’s a little bit younger. He should fit in well.”

Miller expressed his anger last season after Aldridge was not chosen to be a member of the Western Conference All-Star team last February. Miller believed that his teammate should have been chosen over Los Angeles Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin. Griffin, of course went on to be named NBA Rookie Of The Year.

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