Police Search Home Of Zach Randolph After Pot-Dealer Claims He Was Assaulted There

The “Oregonian” has reported that police have searched the West Linn, Oregon mansion of Memphis Grizzlies veteran forward Zach Randolph, after an alleged pot-dealer claimed he was beaten there early Saturday morning.  The alleged victim James Ruben Beasley,  who hails from South Portland told police that Randolph invited him back to his home while the two were talking on a boat named the Portland Spirit while cruising the Willamette River Friday night. Beasley claimed that Randolph invited him to sell marijuana to any of the 20 guests who were going to be at the party after the cruise.

Apparently, some of the guests were unhappy with the price Beasley was asking for his wares. Instead of just turning him down the man stated that he was beaten with pool cues by some people attending the party, but that Randolph was not involved. Sgt. James Rhodes speaking for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department said “Mr. Beasley said four to seven people jumped him and beat him bloody with pool cues.”

Beasley went to a local area hospital, where he was treated for head wounds and called the Sheriff’s Department Saturday afternoon. Police obtained a warrant to search Randolph’s home and found evidence of blood as well as the pool cues which they took away as evidence. Police say that they questioned all who were present at the home at the time of their arrival. Randolph called his attorney, who advised him not to speak to the officers.

Randolph started his career in the Association with the Portland Trail Blazers from 2001-2007 before being traded to the New York Knicks. Randolph had the reputation of being a “Problem Child” with the Blazers, a label that stuck with him before signing as a Free Agent with the Memphis Grizzlies in the Summer of 2009. Randolph, has become a leader with the Grizzlies and was named to his first NBA All-Star team in 2010.

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  2. robbo24 says:

    This is the second year in a row the guy is caught up in some legal issues. He just got the big money from the Grizz. Hope this isn’t about to escalate into a circus.

    BTW, good job Vinnie we’re going to have to do something to get more honest to goodness sports fan appreciating traffic in here. A lot of people will enjoy being kept up to date like this..

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