NBA Announces Preseason Schedule

With the NBA Lockout still in effect, and both sides saying that there is a huge gulf between them; whether the Association actually has any preseason games this fall is still in question. However the NBA did release its Preseason Schedule on Thursday and the action is scheduled to start on October 9, with five games on the docket.

The exhibition games will all take place States-side, as the work-stoppage forced the Association to cancel contests that were to take place around the planet. The first night’s matchups include the Timberwolves at Detroit, the Grizzlies in Orlando, the Jazz taking on the Blazers in Portland, the Hornets playing the Spurs in San Antonio and the Warriors facing the Lakers in a game that will take place in Fresno.

Most likely a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement would have to be ratified by mid-September at the latest in order for all the games to take place. The preseason games will last until October 28, with the Association starting the regular campaign on November 1.

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