China Not An Option For NBA Players Under Contract

With the NBA Lockout nearing the two month mark, the path the Association has been on this summer has been full of twists and turns. Friday, the “Associated Press” reported that the NBA Players Association hit a major pothole on their road, as they have found out that playing in China will not be an option if the work-stoppage continues into the regular season.

According to  the “Xinhua News Agency” the Chinese Basketball Association has decided that they will not allow its teams to sign NBA players who are currently under contract to clubs in the Association. The Association in China will welcome Free Agent players, however players such as the New York Knicks forwards Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony; who had expressed interest in possibly playing in China will be off-limits for Chinese teams.

The ruling by the Chinese Basketball Association, eliminates what could have been a very fruitful option for NBA players if the Lockout does continue into the regular season. China, has become a burgeoning market for basketball, and many players looked at playing in the Far East as an attractive choice if the work-stoppage does keep the Association schedule from starting on time.

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