Man Claims Kobe Grabbed His Cellphone and Hurt His Wrist in San Diego Church

There are certain situations we come across in life, when everybody involved comes off badly. If the reports from a San Diego television station turn out to be true, this would certainly qualify as one of those types of incidents. ” KGTV/10” in San Diego has reported that according to a police report, a man claims that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant hurt his wrist while grabbing the man’s cellphone at a church this past Sunday.

Bryant and his family were said to be attending services at St. Therese of Carmel, in Carmel Valley when the Lakers All-Star guard thought he saw one of the parishioners taking his picture with his cellphone. The man claims that Bryant wrested the phone from his hand, saw that there were no pictures of him on the phone and then left the church. The man claims that Bryant injured his wrist, and he was hospitalized for his injuries.

If the reports do pan out; then all involved really handled themselves terribly. What kind of classless fool would take pictures of a celebrity in a house of worship? Kobe should know better than to accost some fan; even if his actions were entirely inappropriate. What he should have done was to report the man to one of the church officials and allowed them to deal with the situation, or he could have just ignored the man and gone on with his own worshipping. If all the facts turn out to be accurate, then both the unidentified fan and the Lakers star need  to do some serious growing up.

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