NBA Teams To Eddy Curry: Put Down That Donut!

Over the years we have seen many talented athletes leave the Association far too soon, after losing battles to their internal demons. Some young men have had problems dealing with authority figures, while others found they preferred chasing women to tracking down rebounds. There have been far too many sad tales of careers ending due to substance abuse, whether it be drugs or alcohol. In the case of Free Agent center Eddy Curry, his obsession seems to be food; enough that he may have eaten himself out of the NBA.

Last season the New York Knicks traded Curry to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who released him soon after acquiring him. The veteran tried to get a deal with the Miami Heat, however showing up to meet Team President Pat Riley weighing 350 pounds lost him the gig. He worked out again for the team when they held a Free Agent mini-camp in June, but the big man was still tipping the scales at 328.

The “Miami Herald” reported Sunday that the center may finally be taking things seriously. The  paper reported that Curry has worked out this summer in Chicago with trainer Tim Grover, and that he is now weighing in at 300 pounds. The respected trainer told the paper that the former Knicks center still has the skills to compete in the Association. Riley is said to want the  former Lottery pick to lose another 12 pounds, and then he would offer a Curry a contract at the veteran minimum salary on the other side of the Lockout.

The big man signed a huge deal courtesy of Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks a few years ago, and then allowed himself to get out of shape and injuries took their toll. Now it is up to Curry to show Riley and others which is more important to him; basketball or the buffet line?

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