Hawks New Owner: "I Want To Bring A Championship To The City Of Atlanta"

Alex Meruelo’s parents emigrated to the USA from Cuba in 1961, and 50 years after their move to the States, their son who was born in this country a couple of years later is now poised to become the first Hispanic majority owner of an NBA franchise. The 48-year-old businessman opened his first pizza shop at the age of 21, and now has a chain of over 50 shops in Southern California. Meruelo told the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” that if the NBA Board Of Governors approves him becoming the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks, then he will be the man running the club. He told the paper “I will be in complete control of the team.”

Meruelo also stressed that he has no intentions of moving the club out of Atlanta. He will maintain his primary residence in Southern California, but plans on buying a home in Atlanta and to be very involved in all aspects of running the team. He said “If you look at my previous … business ventures, I’m very hands-on, and this will be no different.”

His company has long stopped relying on the pizza shops as their sole source of income; as the Meruelo Group ha s branched off into land-developement and real estate deals. The company’s holdings include a bank as well as a hotel and casino located in Reno, Nevada and a Spanish language TV station in Los Angeles. However, owning a club in the Association “has been a dream of mine and a passion, and you’ll definitely see that as I become, hopefully, the owner in a short period of time. I want to bring a championship to the city of Atlanta.”

The businessman is not taking the fact that he would be the first Hispanic majority Team Owner in the history of the Association lightly. Meruelo said “It is important to me. I’m very proud of my heritage. It’s nice to be able to do something that is different and is not in the ordinary. I’m very blessed. I’m very lucky.”

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