NBA Players Union Chief Hunter Thinks Next Season Will End Up Being Cancelled

If you have been putting your life on hold since July 1, waiting for the NBA work-stoppage to end and both sides ratifying a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, you just may have to wait a very long time before that occurs. Published reports from the “Baltimore Sun” state that the Executive Director of the Players Association Billy Hunter believes that there will be no games played in the NBA for the upcoming season. Hunter made his beliefs known as he addressed the National Bar Association seminar in Baltimore on Wednesday. Hunter said “We’re $800 million apart per year. The circumstances have changed among (NBA Commissioner David Stern’s) constituency. In the last six or seven years, there is a new group of owners to come in who paid a premium for their franchises, and what they’re doing is kind of holding his feet to the fire.”

The Union Chief was asked by a person attending the seminar whether he believed that there would be any games played during the 2011-2012 campaign. Hunter responded “If I had to bet on it at this moment, I would probably say no.”

The Executive Director feels that his clients have given up quite a bit to avoid a work-stoppage but he does not believe NBA Team Owners are acting in good faith as they are asking the players to give up a billion dollars in revenue. He said “We agreed to go from 57 to 54. A month and a half ago, we gave them a proposal that we would give them back $100 million per year. The gap is far between us.”

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