Time To Talk Turkey, Bryant Will Meet With Besiktas On Saturday

With the ruling from FIBA on Friday, stating that NBA players currently under contract will be allowed to play for other teams during the NBA lockout, will Los Angeles Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant decide to take his talents to Turkey? The answer to that question may be become clearer on Saturday as “ESPN.com” is reporting that the veteran will meet with representatives from Turkish team Besiktas in Washington D.C. about the possibility of him playing for the club if the lockout continues into the Association’s regular season. New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams signed a contract with the club earlier this month.

The head of Basketball Operations for Besiktas Seref Yalcin, told reporters in Turkey earlier this week “At the moment there’s a 50 percent chance that Kobe may come to Turkey. Everything will be clearer after the meeting on the 30th. Money will not be a problem.”

It has been reported that Bryant will want $1 million per month to play for the team. Although the club may not be able to afford to pay the former NBA MVP that much, they may get help from some outside corporations such as Turkish Airlines. A spokeswoman for the Airlines Fatma Yuceler, told ESPN Los Angeles “We know that Besiktas is very much interested (in Bryant) and they’ve been in touch with our company as well, but we haven’t started any kind of negotiations or anything like that yet.”

Now that players from the Association are starting to sign with other teams, it may give NBA Team Owners more of an incentive to get back to the bargaining table and ratify a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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  1. So when these players are looking to sign with international clubs, they aren’t retiring from the NBA…they’re just making sure they’ve got a place to play if the lockout doesn’t end before the season is supposed to begin? trying to understand this lockout stuff. i was afraid the stars would permanently sign somewhere else! =/

    • Jeff Sack says:

      That is correct, any player that currently is under contract to an NBA team must have what is known as an “NBA Out-Clause” in their contract with any International team. That will allow them to return to the Association once the work-stoppage is settled. Now, there are Free Agents such as Nenad Krstic who has signed with Moscow for the entire season. However if Amar’e or Melo decide to sign with another team they will come back to the Knicks once the Lockout is over. Thanks for subscribing to our feed!
      Jeff Sack

      • Thanks for clarifying. So, the same goes for D-Will? He will play in Turkey, and once the Lockout ceases, he’ll ditch that team and come back to NJ? That doesn’t seem fair to the fans over there, or the team.

        And your blog’s great! Came across it more than once, and finally subscribed =) You’re a Celtics fan, right?

        • Jeff Sack says:

          Sorry Habeeba; just came across this comment. Yes Deron also has an NBA out-clause in his contract. You bring up an interesting point about it not being fair to the fans in Europe and Asia. However you could also look at the glass as half full; if the Lockout did not occur they would never get to see NBA stars playing for their teams!

          Once again I appreciate you becoming a subscriber. I grew up in Boston during the Russell Dynasty and I am the same age as Larry Bird. So that is my boyhood team. I covered the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1995-2006 and the Finals in 2007 as a Sports Director for Metro-Networks in Cleveland. So there is a connection there as well. But truly Habeeba, I am a fan of the Association. I like what Donnie Walsh did with your boys; even though James Dolan is in imbecile. I love OKC and Memphis and what they have done over the last few years. Howver I am a HUGE critic of the T-Wolves who have not got a clue! LOL!

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