Nets New Arena In Brooklyn On Schedule To Be Ready For 2012 Campaign

The new home for the New Jersey Nets in Brooklyn, New York took quite a while before things started to come together, however the “Star Ledger” is reporting that the team’s new arena is on pace to be ready for the start of the 2012 NBA season. Nets General Manager Billy King was down at the site earlier this week that has been named the Barclays Center, and was very excited about the progress. He told reporters “It’s coming. You know it now. I think all the negative people not believe it’s going to happen; we don’t have to show pictures anymore. I think a lot of people fought (the building of the arena), but I think once it’s built, they’ll realize; five, six years from now, this area will be booming.”

The arena is said to be 60% complete and should be more than ready for the start of the 2012-2013 campaign. The project looked to be in trouble a couple of years ago until Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov became the majority owner of the franchise. Prokhorov had the necessary cash flow available to get the deal up and running.

King was asked what were his thoughts about his team playing one more season in New Jersey; once the NBA Lockout is settled. King responded “The way I’m approaching it is, have a great season, and build as much excitement and win as many games as possible, so that your fans are enjoying the team. And it’s not like the team is leaving and going to San Diego. It’s going to be in the area, so that fans, they may not be able to get to every game, but they still can get to (some). The mass transit system is great. I did it. It’ll be easier, I think. A lot of people at the games, sometimes the Meadowlands wasn’t easy; Newark, I think, has given them an easier time to get to, and I think this’ll be the same.”

The Nets have played in the state of New Jersey since 1977, after first starting out as an ABA franchise that was based in New York.

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