T-Wolves Asked For Input On New Coach From K-Love

The Minnesota Timberwolves are well aware that in order for the team to have any success in the next few years that their All-Star power forward Kevin Love will have to be a key player for the club. With that in mind Timberwolves Team President David Kahn has asked for input from their big man on who the franchise should hire as their next head coach. In an interview with “The Big Lead.com” the T-Wolves star revealed that the team asked for his opinion and he readily supplied it.

Love told the website “I have definitely been asked by David Kahn what I thought about the situation, and I gave my two cents. I told them I think we need a coach to help us grow and win in tough situations and learn how to win. A guy who is going to be able to work with young guys and go through the growing pains to help us become a better team. There were a few names thrown out to me prior to the interview process, and they’ve all interviewed so far.”

The Minnesota forward was asked about his thoughts on veteran coach Larry Brown whom the team will interview next for the vacant bench slot. Love replied “There are other coaches; Bickerstaff, Adelman, and on and on and on; who will be interviewing and Brown is definitely an interesting prospect. Obviously he’s got a different style than the other guys I mentioned … I’m hoping we can adapt to his style, but hopefully he can adapt to our style, too, because we’re going to be a team that wants to run and be up-tempo. And we want to play hard-nosed defense. We’re going to make mistakes, and hopefully he can work with us (while we’re) making mistakes and growing over time.

The website asked Love if he thought that he was being involved in the process because the Timberwolves want to lock him up with a long-term contract. He responded “Yeah, they’re probably doing that to make sure it doesn’t happen, but for me, it’s flattering. I feel like I have a good vibe for basketball and know the game and know the difference facets of the game. I’m very happy to talk to our front office about that kind of stuff.”

Regular readers of these pages realize that I have been highly critical of Kahn and Timberwolves Team Owner Glen Taylor in the  past; however they are handling this situation perfectly. The T-Wolves need K-Love a lot more than he needs them and if  they want to make him part of their long-term future it is a smart move to have his input on who will become the club’s next head coach.

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