He's A Dancing Machine? Artest May Compete On Next Dancing With The Stars

The nation may find out in the next few months if Los Angeles Lakers veteran forward Ron Artest can bust a move on the dance floor as celebrity gossip website “TMZ” is reporting that he is currently in discussions with the producers of ABC-TV show “Dancing With The Stars” about the possibility of him being a contestant for the upcoming season. According to the report the forward who will legally change his name next month to Metta World Peace is excited about the possibility of appearing on the program; especially if the NBA Lockout is still in effect.

The website says that even if the NBA season does start on time Artest could still conceivably compete on the show. Looking for big name talent for the upcoming season the producers will have no minimum rehearsal time required for the contestants. That would make it far easier for Artest to be a contestant.

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