T-Wolves Interview Terry Porter For Vacant Head Coach Position

There is an old saying: The Fish Rots From The Head Down. There may be no better example of that statement in the Association than the Minnesota Timberwolves, a team that is led by Owner Glen Taylor and Team President David Kahn. If there is a more incompetent tandem currently running an NBA franchise then this longtime NBA observer is unaware of them. The T-Wolves finished the regular season with the worst record in the Association at 17-65 and then finally fired former head coach Kurt Rambis last week after leaving him in limbo for months.

When Minnesota announced that they were relieving Rambis of his duties, Kahn told reporters that he was looking for coach with a fast-break philosophy to be on the bench for his team next year. The club will finally have the services of Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio in the upcoming campaign and Kahn believes that Rubio will flourish on a fast-break squad.

Less than a week after making those statements the “Star Tribune” reported that the Timberwolves interviewed their first candidate to be their next bench boss on Monday. The man they interviewed was former NBA point guard and head coach Terry Porter; someone who is known for his defense oriented, slowdown style of coaching. Porter is the polar opposite of what Kahn said he wanted in a head coach; he was such a bad fit for the fast-break Phoenix Suns that they fired him after half a season after hiring him to replace former coach Mike D’Antoni.

Terry Porter knows the game of basketball and proved during his playing days how great a leader he is. He most likely would make a fine head coach for a team that wants to stress defense and to play a fundamentally sound game. So it truly makes no sense that Kahn and the T-Wolves would interview him after saying what he said last week. Once again David Kahn comes off as a man who doesn’t have a clue.

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