Ray Allen Says NBA Lockout Is "Almost Embarrassing"

Boston Celtics All-Star shooting guard Ray Allen, is not about to break ranks with the NBA Players Association over the NBA Lockout which has been in effect since July 1. Allen, though realizes how badly the division in the NBA looks to the general public; and especially to NBA fans.

The veteran guard told the “Boston Globe” that the second NBA Lockout in a little over a decade, is a black-eye for the players and Team Owners. He said “I think of Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Dr. J, and I almost feel just . . . the money we make, not only as players but as owners, the money that’s in the loop is so outstanding, it’s almost embarrassing we can make this type of money and then we can haggle over what we haggle over. It’s important that the game is at an all-time high and I believe that those players in the ’70s and ’80s, they built us to this point to where we can afford the salaries that we all afford, and we just have to remember that. We’ve got to take this game to the next level and know that this is bigger than us.”

That being said, Allen told the paper all he can do is maintain his physical conditioning and wait things out. Allen said “It’s really hard to say, it could be next week the lockout could end or it could carry on. I’ve been in this situation back in ’99. We just have to sit and keep ourselves healthy, take care of our bodies. It hurt a lot of players last time and it sent them into retirement and they weren’t ready when the season came back and got out of shape. The lesson for me is to keep myself together and the guys that I play with.”

The Celtics guard has played 15 seasons in the Association, and will turn 36-years-old later this month. He realizes that he only has a few more years at best to play the game he loves, but he is far from being panic-stricken over the prospects of a season lost to the Lockout. The veteran told the paper “I just have to have faith in our system and the guys that are negotiating on our behalf. I look at 15 years and to be able to have made it this far. I remember when I came to the league I gauged my years and my career against what Michael Jordan did. At the time he was like eight, nine years and I said I would be lucky to play 12 years. If I could do that, I’d be happy. So it’s almost like I am on borrowed time right now. I want to continue to borrow it. And if the season doesn’t happen, I just get ready for the next one.”

Allen has played four seasons for Boston, with the team making the NBA Finals twice and winning an NBA Title in 2008.

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